Writing Competition

This hasn’t been the best week in recent memory.

I’ve both crashed my car, bought just four days earlier, and 48 hours later I smashed my phone screen carrying a 50kg beer barrel at work.

Things could be worse.

Despite aquaplaning, shooting up a grass bank and into a dry stone wall before two-wheeling onto the other side of the road, I came out with just a small bruise on my knee and a slightly stiff neck.

My phone was also on the brink of failure as it’s five years old now so a new one was probably due.

Phone aside, I found it frustrating dealing with three useless companies in regards to my car. The insurance company, recovery company and garage all successfully proving incapable of liaising between one another.

I took a break to check my emails before I put a hole in a wall or a verbal hole in some poor, underpaid telephone operative’s ear. Opening my email, I saw a reply from ‘Imustbeoff’ in regards to the competition I had entered an article into.

I Must Be Off! Travel Writing Competition

The email didn’t offer good news either.

Relatively, not making the shortlist in a competition after just a few months of writing isn’t too bad but it was an unwelcome notification during what’s been a challenging few days.


Still, at first attempt, I got into the top 10% of entries from over 400 budding writers worldwide.

I’m proud of the article, entitled ‘The Sulphur Miners of Mount Ijen’ and of my achievement, thus I’m not ready to give it away for free, just yet.

Before I post it on Medium, I’m going to pitch the article to a couple of magazines in the hope of getting published. Achieving this should go some way to improving my mood and would put me one step further towards a world where I don’t have to carry 50kg beer barrels for a living!

Fingers crossed and I’ll keep you updated!

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