Writers Block

I finished the first piece produced for this blog by promising to provide updates on my progress into freelance writing. The first couple of weeks were a whirlwind of learning about SEO and website building, finding good career tools, undertaking a writing course and even getting published, albeit potentially prematurely.

My First ‘Hiccup’ on the Road of Freelance Writing

During the past couple of weeks, I haven’t had much time to focus on writing. The work I desperately needed came flooding in. I’ve spent most of my time sat behind a till in a bottle shop, serving drinks behind two separate bars or washing dishes and prepping meals for hungry students at Queensland University.

This is my first day in a while back in front of a laptop and I woke up full of vigour and ready to have a productive day.

I sat down and realised that I have no idea of what to actually write about.

After a period of self doubt and a couple of cigarettes, I decided to write about what I know. Today, ironically, what I know is not knowing what to write about!

The thought of this, so soon after starting scares the shit out of me. Having read blog posts by some of my more successful and experienced peers, I do realise that this isn’t an uncommon feeling and is not a reason to give up.

Moving On

My biggest concern is that while I know I can run with an idea and write on commission, I am currently without a decent portfolio of content at my disposal. How then, will I persuade somebody that I’m up to the task of producing content for them, and most importantly, that I’m worth their investment?

I mentioned that I think I may have been published prematurely.

Having had my article pitch accepted, I was so excited to take such a big step forwards that I produced something which I am not particularly proud of. Blinded by the confidence this early advancement gave me, I submitted something that, at the time, I thought was really good.

It was no sooner published onto my clients social media accounts that I re-read it and saw potential re-wordings and formatting that would have improved it ten-fold. As a result of knowing that I can produce a better body of work, I’m hesitant to forcefully promote it.

You can find the article in question on my ‘published articles’ page, titled Battambang Travel Guide

The most important thing now is to keep producing content that I can be proud of. I have got quarter-written articles and half-written articles that I’ll revisit today and as with everything in life, I will learn from any previous mistakes and move forward.

God Placed the Greatest Things in Life on the Other Side of Fear

As a freelance writer ending an article on a quote, I should usually choose a literary great, a famous blogger or an excellent journalist but instead, I haven chosen to quote the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith.

This is a scary and hard venture, leaving the comfort and potentially decent pay of working in an office to pursue freelance writing but in the words of the great man himself, “God placed the best things in life on the other side of fear”.




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