Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino Album Review

I stepped outside of my comfort zone for this week’s article.

Arctic Monkeys, the biggest export from my beloved hometown of Sheffield released their sixth studio album on the 11th May.

On first listen, I hated it but determined not to, I persisted, I listened again and again and I started to love it.

The internet was full of negative reviews on this album’s release date so now the dust has settled on it, I wrote a review of my own.

The article is now on

As with everything I write that isn’t about myself or my progression, I put my review of this album on so follow the link below to check it out;

Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino is brilliant, despite what you may have heard.

3 thoughts on “Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino Album Review”

  1. Good review of a good band.
    I think you meant intense not intent.
    Not sure I like Medium as a blogging medium.

    1. Thanks Pop.
      I like medium for articles more so than blog posts as it is open to a wider audience and is easy to format.
      Look forward to seeing you when I’m back in the UK!

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