My First Week in Writing

I’ve been job hunting in Brisbane for almost two months now and I am struggling to get more than 20 hours of paid work each week, despite having three jobs!

Using all this free time, I’ve made the first steps toward a new career goal and after my first week, I think things are going pretty well.

The last few months have been pretty chaotic having been constantly moving between countries and places and somewhere along the line I decided that I wanted to become a freelance writer. Over the past couple of weeks I have signed up to a couple of online writing courses, most notably Contena. This is a website which provides you with a structured course, access to freelance jobs and a dedicated writing coach, all very useful tools for beginners.

Admittedly, I will be using a laptop and not an inkwell but, this makes for a much better photography subject

Another great resource for me has been

Created in 2012 by Evan Williams, previously the CEO of Twitter, Medium is a social platform for articles and article writing and as such is a great place to post work when starting out and building a portfolio. It is also a great place to keep writing samples.

Articles created on Medium look really professional and are extremely easy to edit and publish. On this platform, your articles have the potential to be seen by a large audience, often consisting of people who have similar interests to yourself.

Your work can be found through tags or if shared by your followers, not dissimilar to the way more mainstream social media like Twitter or Facebook work, a tried and tested method of quickly getting your name out there!

Starting out in this big, new, scary world of freelance writing has been a whirlwind. One week ago I didn’t think I would have a profile on a site I had previously never heard of, my own domain name, a writing coach and having already pitched for paid work, but here I am!

Whilst I could certainly do with more cash currently, I have enough to get by. All this spare time I currently have could even be a blessing in disguise as I have devoted it less to Netflix and more to learning this new career.

I have even discovered a work ethic I didn’t know was there before, on more than one occasion I have looked at the time, shocked at how long I have been studying, researching, reading and writing. I even missed my dinner last week, which if you know me, is not normal!

I am sure with any career like this, it is a long road before you can comfortably sustain yourself but if I keep having weeks like this, I might just have to cancel that Netflix account!

Hopefully the inevitable hiccups don’t slow me down too much, but if they do, you will hear about it here first.




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