Busy Writing Week!

In contrast to last week, I’ve been busy with a multitude of various writing projects these past few days and am happier for it.

Despite working long hours, swapping TV and Fifa for writing in my free time has been less relaxing but worth it as I enjoy that productive feeling.

Exploring Different Avenues in Writing

This week I’ve submitted an article to a travel writing competition, starting to educate myself on website copy and enrolled in a course on search engine optimisation (SEO). I’m writing copy for a website, have found a niche to explore in my article writing and all but finished a couple of articles.

I told you I’ve been busy.

Travel Writing Competition

In January, I visited Mount Ijen, an active volcano in Indonesia on the island of East Java. It was around this time that I started to consider writing online and trying to do so in a professional context.

I can’t share too much about the article due to competition rules but should I win or lose, you’ll see it soon. Inspired by the sulfur miners who worked here, I wanted to write an article about them as soon as I started to descend the volcano. This competition provided me with the perfect platform.

Copywriting and SEO

It occurred to me that for a better chance to make money from freelance writing, I needed to have an extra skillset to article writing.

Thinking back to a conversation I had with one of Anna’s brothers on copywriting, I started to look into it.

At first, I thought he was talking to me about copyrighting which sounded dull.

Conducting my own research online, looking at case studies and reading blogs from prominent professionals, I’m starting to better understand the skill.

There are accredited courses that I’ll consider in order to be competitive in this medium. I shall likely enroll onto one when I’ve got some more expendable income.

With my appetite for knowledge whet, I found a good, free, online course on SEO and intend to start that this afternoon.

I mentioned that I’m writing copy for a website already which is an invaluable experience.

My work isn’t yet published but I offered my services to another of Anna’s brothers for his new startup – www.urbanergo.com.au – and will also put a link to that on this blog, once complete.

Article Writing

The dream is still to be able to make a living through article writing. I love that with every idea, you can create an article. You research your topic, learn and re-write this new knowledge into more accessible wording and tone.

What a beautiful job this could be if variety and continuous learning are a possibility.

With regards to having a niche – important to gain an audience – I have struggled to find one.

Travel is all I’ve known for the past 9 months and I’m late to the party in becoming a tastemaker or infamous in this already saturated field.

I’ve always been a people watcher, fascinated in why we act the way we do socially. Without much thought into it, I wrote an article a couple of weeks ago.

Based on an encounter I had with a random conspiracist and proper nutter at a bus stop, its entitled, Crazy People; A Social Observation.

I enjoyed writing it, and the article received praise from those I know and stranger alike.

No offense to those I know and I do wholeheartedly appreciate the support.

To have people you don’t know reach out from wherever in the world, having seen your article through the millions of options online was a personal breakthrough for me. It’s certainly been the catalyst for my productivity this week.

One article which will get finished today is another in the social observation series.

In order to get a deeper insight into social psychology and to continue this trend of articles, I’m creating a reading list intended to educate myself further.

Let’s see where this new road takes me!






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